Can Tints of Nature natural hair dye be used whilst undergoing chemotherapy?

Even though Tints of Nature is a Non Toxic Hair Colour, we do not recommend using our home hair dyes if you are undergoing chemotherapy, radiothearpy or other forms of health treatment. If you do wish to dye your hair with our home hair dye please consult with your doctor before applying and ALWAYS carry out a skin sensitivity test.

Finished treatment?
Again, consult with your doctor beforehand. If your scalp is irritated or damaged or your hair is very weak or brittle we advise not to dye your hair. If you wish to dye your hair we would recommend using our Henna Cream Semi-Permanent hair colour for a few months, so your hair has time to rebuild its natural strength and health.

Please ALWAYS remember your skin sensitivity and strand test. Instructions can be found under Top Tips.