Why you should use cruelty-free and vegan hair dye

Cruelty Free

If you’re anything like us, you love, love, love animals. In fact, it’s likely one of your best friends (or favourite child) is furry. It makes total sense then, that you’d only choose cruelty-free and vegan products to dye and care for your hair. But how do you know which products fit the bill?  

It’s super easy. Simply look for certifications by external third-party organisations. The Vegan Society, PETA, Cruelty-free International and CCIC Leaping Bunny are our top picks.  

Beware of ‘self-made’ logos though; anyone can design a cool badge and stick it on their packaging. But without getting a third party involved there’s been no certification or verification process, so it could all be a pile of porkies.  

Every single Tints of Nature product has been cruelty-free since we began making them over 30 years ago. More recently, we’ve taken our commitment a step further to get vegan certification. 

There’s no good reason to use products that jeopardise the health and wellbeing of animals. Especially not when it comes to our beauty. Rest assured with Tints of Nature you can have breath-taking, guilt-free, animal-loving hair every day of the week.  

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