Switching to 100% post consumer recycled plastic

PCR Plastic Colour Bottles Tints Of Nature

Good Bye Virgin Plastic Bottles

Tints of Nature are excited to be making the switch to 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles for their products. This will considerably reduce their use of virgin plastic.

Post-Consumer Recycled plastic or ‘PCR’ plastics are commonly made from other single-use packaging such as drinks bottles and milk containers. These products are collected and sorted as part of commercial and residential recycling programs to be reused. Ultimately preventing plastics from going to landfill.

Since 2010, Tints of Nature Colour Gel bottles have been made from 25% PCR plastic. This move to 100% PCR bottles for both the Colour Gel and Colour Fix will make a saving of 15,810kg of virgin plastic annually!

Products that are now using the 100% PCR include:

  • Permanent Hair Colours
  • Henna Cream Hair Colour
  • Bold Colours and Pasteliser Colour Range

In Europe only 31% of plastic is recycled1 and approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in our oceans each year2. This is just one of the many reasons Tints of Nature is making this change to ensure they are doing their part in helping minimise single-use plastic waste.

Did you know?

Tints of Nature's Permanent Hair Dye boxes have been made from 100% recycled cardboard since 2003. That is a saving of 225,000kg of virgin cardboard. The move to PCR plastic signals another significant move towards an even more environmentally conscious company.

PCR Plastic bottles will be rolled out on the production line in the upcoming months across all Tints of Nature hair colour ranges.

1 According to the Environment Agency, National Packaging Waste Database (June 2019)
2 According to a 2015 study from UC Santa Barbara.
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