Quinoa: the super ingredient for your hair!


A tiny grain that packs a punch 

At Tints of Nature it’s our job to find the best performing organic ingredients to repair and care for your hair. And we’re punching above our weight with this beauty. 

Quinoa, the South American goddess grain, is considered a superfood by many. But it’s not just for eating. This 'complete protein' is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins. It not only repairs damaged follicles; it protects your colour too!

Check out some of the incredible hair-benefits of quinoa…

  • Penetrates deeply into the hair offering exceptional repair and protection
  • Acts as a conditioner with improved wet and dry combing
  • Adds shine
  • Protects hair colour from washing off prematurely
  • Improves definition and retention of curls

Let your hair soak up quinoa’s superpowers with our ‘hero-in-a-bottle’ product, Structure Treatment. Thanks to quinoa, Structure Treatment can take your locks from ‘wah’ to ‘wow’ in just a few simple sessions - and it does it without any synthetic bond-multipliers or silicones. That means you get genuine follicular repair, not just superficial cosmetic cover-ups.

You’ll also find this super-grain in our Bold Colours semi-permanent range. Helping to keep hair in optimum condition for longer lasting colour.

So, don’t just eat it, smother your locks with it! We’re besotted with quinoa. Your hair will be too.

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