Proudly Supporting Orangutan Appeal UK

Archie 2

Did you know that orangutans are classed as critically endangered and face a high risk of extinction in the wild? Here are just some of the threats they face:

  • Habitat loss
  • Poaching
  • Forest fires
  • Climate change

You might have noticed a happy little orangutan on your Tints of Nature pack and wondered why. Well, let's explain!

The Orangutan Appeal UK are a registered charity dedicated to protecting the remaining wild populations of orangutans, as well as their habitats, by providing support and funding for projects in Borneo. They also rescue and rehabilitate orangutans and raise awareness of the realities faced by the animals every day.

We're proud to have adopted two orangutans, Betty and Archie, so every time you purchase Tints of Nature you're helping to support Orangutan Appeal UK in their mission to protect these gorgeous creatures. 

Betty was brought in after being found alone in the forest without her mother. She needed immediate medical treatment but soon began to recover.

Archie is very popular with the other orangutans (as well as with us!) and enjoys playing rough with his older friends, but he's known to be very gentle with the younger orangutans.

He was also a friend of the late Paul O'Grady, who was deeply committed to supporting Orangutan Appeal UK and their cause.

To find out more about the amazing work Orangutan Appeal UK do, check out their website here.


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