Pick-me-up buttercup!

Pick Me Up Buttercup

There’s no denying we’re all feeling a bit exhausted by the daily grind of Covid life, but it’s time to get some ‘good feels’ back! And there’s no better way to feel good than to look good, right? So, what better place to start than the crown you never take off - your hair.    

Just one treatment a week can transform your mane from a dull, flat and lifeless flop to a show-stopping, head-turning collection of follicles that sparkle at every turn. But which treatment is right for you?  

If your hair feels hard, stiff and course chances are you need a hit of moisture from our award-winning Hydrate Treatment. However, if you’re suffering fine, tangly hair that won’t hold shape or volume then Tints of Nature’s intensive protein Structure Treatment will provide some much-needed strength.  

But what if it’s both? What if your ends are tangly and weak while your roots are course and hard? Use them together! Simply spray Structure Treatment into your ends, massage it into a lovely lather, and apply Hydrate Treatment right over top. Fifteen minutes, once a week, that’s all it takes to get heavenly soft and silky hair. Who doesn’t want that? 

Add treatment day into your self-care ritual and shake off those Covid blues. There’s nothing better than an at-home pamper session - relaxing in a warm bubbly bath enjoying the delicious aromas of our organic and natural ingredients - to give yourself, and your hair, a much-needed pick-me-up.   

Put YOU first on a regular basis to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, so that you can spread the ‘good feels’ to others.  

Happy pampering! 

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