Permanent hair dye tips

Tints Of Nature Permanent Hair Dye

We know that colouring your own hair can be a daunting task, that's why we've put together our expert tips so that you get the best results from your Tints of Nature colour.

How to select your perfect Tints of Nature permanent hair dye

Tints of Nature permanent shades will take your hair any shade darker and will lift your hair by one shade. To find your perfect Tints of Nature colour follow our step by steps…

1. Using our shade range, select a colour that represents your natural hair colour.

2. Choose any colour within that shade level, any shade darker, or up to one shade lighter.

For example: If 5N is your natural shade or close to, you can use any colour within the 5 range or darker. If you want to lift your hair by one shade you can use 6N. Due to the gentle nature of our colour formulations, hair can only be lifted by one shade. To achieve a higher lift you will need the Tints of Nature Lightener Kit.


How to apply Tints of Nature permanent hair dye

Follow the below instructions, or checkout our how to video.

To achieve maximum results from your colour application treat your hair to a pre-colour treatment, with Tints of Nature Hydrate or Structure Treatment. And don't forget to carry out your skin sensitivity test!

1. Shampoo your hair using our Tints of Nature Charcoal Shampoo and rinse thoroughly (also great for removing any product or colour build up on your hair).

2. Towel dry your hair and gently comb through until it is tangle-free.

3. Pop on the gloves provided.

4. Unscrew both bottles of the Colour Gel & Colourfix and pour the Colour Gel into the Colourfix bottle.

5. Pop the applicator cap firmly back on the Colourfix bottle and shake.

6. Unscrew the tip and use immediatley.

7. For best results section your hair and gently squeeze the colour starting at the roots and hairline, working it through your hair.

8. Massage the colour into your hair until every strand of hair is covered.

9. Using the cap provided, cover your hair completely, remove your gloves, rinse them clean and wait 30 minutes. (For grey hair coverage or hair lightening make this 40 minutes.)

10. Put the gloves back on and remove your plastic cap. Rinse your hair under warm water until the water runs clear.

11. Using the sachet of Hydrate Shampoo, massage into your hair and work into a creamy later.

12. Rinse and condition your hair using the sachet of Hydrate Conditioner. Comb through and leave for 5minutes.

13. Rinse thoroughly and blowdry.

14. Style as normal and admire your fresh new hair colour!


Create your own bespoke shade

Just like an artist creates the perfect shade for their canvas, you can easily create a bespoke signature shade with Tints of Nature cruelty-free hair dyes. Some popular examples of great intermixable colour creations are:

10N + 8C = Light Ash Blonde

7R + 4RR = Medium Red Copper

8N + 4M = Mahogany Blonde

We recommend you mix the different Colour Gel's in equal quantities to begin with. For example, mix 25ml of 4N Colour Gel and 25ml of 4C Colour Gel with 50ml Colourfix. Quantities can then be adjusted in future colour sessions to tweak your desired result.

And remember, when intermixing the permanent colours, the Colour Gel to Colourfix ratio should always be the same.

Don't forget to post your Tints of Nature masterpiece and tag us #tintsofnature @tintsofnatureofficial to be in our monthly prize draw.


Perfect grey coverage

Yes, you can achieve 100% grey coverage with Tints of Nature's permanent colour range. But, if you fall into the 'super stroppy' category and have issues covering your silver sparkles, here are some top tips for you.

Top Tip 1

Most grey hair is lacking in essential moisture which makes it hard, coarse and difficult to colour effectively. We recommend using our intensive moisture treatment - Hydrate Treatment - prior to colouring your hair. 

Full instructions can be found here

Top Tip 2

For maximum grey coverage ensure at least half of your mixture is an N shade.

For example, if you want to create a lovely golden blonde, mix 25ml 7D (Fashion shade) + 25ml 7N (Natural shade) + 50ml Colourfix.

All of our natural shades contain a larger conditioning base which will therefore provide maximum grey coverage. Alternatively you may choose any natural shade and apply as directed or mix two natural shades to achieve a bespoke colour and optimum grey coverage.

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